PRESALE - [Digital Download] "On Guitar - Jim Joustra (2007-2017)"

PRESALE - [Digital Download] "On Guitar - Jim Joustra (2007-2017)"


[Digital Only]

PRESALE - "On Guitar - Jim Joustra: (2007-2017)" [Compilation]

A Decade of Music played by Jim Joustra and Friends!

(August 9th, 2017) The first digital download that spans a decade of two of Jim Joustra's groups: The Jim Joustra Trio and Jim Joustra Quartet. 

The compilation has more than a few hot takes! A smokin' version of "Cissy's Strut" from New York City and an early version of the Pat Metheny/John Scofield favorite, "Everybody's Party" by Jim Joustra and Friends. 

Outside of a few fan favorites, the compilation has the first ever performance of the JJ Trio original, "Hump & Dump", preceded by a (also first ever) "Sidewalk Jam". The collection ends with an open jam, "Wesley Street Jam" segueing into an almost eight-minute long take of Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)"

Track Listing:

  1. Cissy's Strut*
  2. Everybody's Party+
  3. 3 O'Clock In the Mornin*
  4. Sidewalk Jam>*%
  5. Hump & Dump*%
  6. Wesley Street Jam>*%
  7. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)*
  • * - Jim Joustra Trio
  • + - Jim Joustra Quartet
  • % - original song/jam
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