Jim’s Rig & Gear

I’ve been getting asked a lot about my gear; especially lately at a few NYC gigs, so I thought I’d share all that info here! I’ve listed most of my live gear - check out the gallery below for images! - JJ2

 Guitars :

- Fender Stratocaster (1957 RI - mods include 3 single coil 2002 Vintage Noiseless Pickups)

- 2004 Squier Standard Telecaster (mods include gotah vintage tuners, graphite bridge pieces, Lil 59 tap-coil (bridge) and a GFS ‘59 mini hum (neck) 

- Ibanez 2009 AS73 (stock...for now)

- Custom JJ2 Telecaster - assembled by me! Mods include: Paisley light weight body, fender licensed 21 fret tele neck, gotah vintage tuners, custom made bridge w/ Wilkinson vintage pieces. Seymour Duncan Hot Tele Pickups   


- 2007 Fender NOS Limited Edition Tweed Blues Junior. 12” Jensen speaker with JJTubes, all around.  


- 1989 Mini Q-Tron

- 2004 Ibanez Vintage-Reissue TS808 Tubescreamer  

- 2011 PigtronIx Class-A Boost  

- Donner Multi-Setting Digital Delay 


- Jazz III’s (black & red) 


- .010 D’addario XLs (Strat/teles) 

- .011 D’addario XLs (Ibanez AS73)

Jim Joustra